Exodus 19:3-8 "Invited to the Tabernacle"

Mt. Sinai’s events (giving of the Law, etc.) parallels an ancient Hebrew wedding ceremony and leads ultimately to the tabernacle (the place of the marriage consummation). God invites us to both corporate and individual intimacy with Him as His bride. “Wedding" highlights include: 1) We are his treasured possession (documented ceremonial bridal language), 2) His “dowry” (Hebrew “Ketubah”) was the 10 commandments, and 3) The painstaking attention given to the details of the tabernacle (ch25-32) is an invitation for us to take our “tabernacle” as seriously as God does. The obstacle to “tabernacle” with God (Golden Calf for Israelites/our own sin obstacles) is eliminated by grace in Ex. 32-33 and now by the cross for us.