Ruth 1:7-22 "Grace at the Bottom of the Barrel" Sermon Series: The Story of Ruth

In this week’s sermon we join Naomi as she decides to return to Bethlehem in Judah. Though she tried to prevent her daughter-in-law’s from going with her, Ruth was relentless and insisted on going with her. As we study the passage together, we’ll be confronted with the reality of the bitterness that Naomi feels toward God’s providence, and challenged to express a faith like Ruth – a faith that clings to God and others no matter what lies ahead.

Ruth 1:1-6 "The Road to Nowhere" Sermon Series: The Story of Ruth

This week we begin our new series in The Book of Ruth by taking a look at the actions and tragic consequences that set the stage for this wonderful story of God’s redemption. In the midst of days when there was no king in Israel, Judges 21:25 tell us that everyone did what was right in his own eyes. This included a man named Elimelech who fled Bethlehem in Judah with his wife and two sons during a famine to sojourn in Moab. What follows in the story is a reminder for all of us that even when we turn our back on God’s faithfulness, He never turns His back on us and is working “behind the scenes” in amazing ways to prove His faithfulness to us.

Psalm 51 "The Gift of Repentance"

This week elder Mario Fulan delivered a sermon from Psalm 51 and how God provides his people with the gift of repentance so that our relationship can be restored with Him after we fall. God acts to restore us by drawing up back to Himself so that we can again have the joy of our salvation.

Luke 9:10-17 "Saying Grace", Sermon Series: Meals with Jesus

Sometimes the simplest lessons we have learned are the hardest ones to put into practice. This can be especially true as it relates to the Christian life. We all know that disciplines like prayer, Bible reading, and worship are vital to living and growing in Christ, but all too often we find ourselves too busy or even forgetting to put these basic means of grace into practice. Well, not much has changed in a couple thousand years, because the disciples who followed Jesus suffered from the same problem as well. This week we continue our “Meals With Jesus” series and see how Jesus’ miracle of feeding the multitudes serves to teach us the important connection between dependence and gratitude, and to encourage us to depend on Christ as we serve Him and His kingdom here on earth.”

Luke 7:36-50 "An Unexpected Guest", Sermon Series: Meals with Jesus

This week we join Jesus, eating at the house of Simon the Pharisee, when suddenly a woman – a “woman of the city who was a sinner” – appears on the scene and interacts with Jesus in ways that were not only against custom, but were downright shocking. The sermon will consider how Jesus responds to this woman, what this response teaches us about the vital connection between love and forgiveness, and how that connection shapes inclusiveness in our community.

Acts 1:1-11 "On the Other Side of the Sky"

This week’s sermon will have us fast-forwarding 40 days ahead of Jesus’ resurrection to consider his ascension. Asking the question, “What is Jesus doing in heaven for our good?”, we will see from this text that in heaven Jesus is busy empowering His people, advancing the Kingdom of God, and preparing to one day consummate all things.