I Peter 5:1-4 "The Elders of the Church" Sermon Series: Kingdom Builders

This week Pastor Dan continued in our Kingdom Builder series by examining the role of elders from 1 Peter 5:1-4. In this passage we see Peter exhorting the elders to not neglect their role in shepherding and overseeing those under their care. Pulling from other passages such as Philippians 2, 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 2, God reveals from Scripture what His expectations are for those who are called and appointed to serve as elders in the local church in light of Christ’s example and call. The sermon called the church to thankfulness for God’s gift of leaders and to consider those who might be nominated for such service in the near future.

Colossians 1:18 "The Head of the Church" Sermon Series: Kingdom Builders

This week pastor Dan started preaching a new topical series regarding the nature and role of officers and members in the church. This series can equip the church to understand the steps we are about to take in nominating new officers later this month, but will also help all of us see how we fit into God’s plan for His Kingdom here on earth.

This Sunday, pastor Dan began the series by preaching from Colossians 1:18 on what it means for Jesus to be the “head of the church.” He also explored other texts from the New Testament to discover how Jesus builds His church, how He directs His church, and how He nourishes His church. 

Exodus 19:3-8 "Invited to the Tabernacle"

Mt. Sinai’s events (giving of the Law, etc.) parallels an ancient Hebrew wedding ceremony and leads ultimately to the tabernacle (the place of the marriage consummation). God invites us to both corporate and individual intimacy with Him as His bride. “Wedding" highlights include: 1) We are his treasured possession (documented ceremonial bridal language), 2) His “dowry” (Hebrew “Ketubah”) was the 10 commandments, and 3) The painstaking attention given to the details of the tabernacle (ch25-32) is an invitation for us to take our “tabernacle” as seriously as God does. The obstacle to “tabernacle” with God (Golden Calf for Israelites/our own sin obstacles) is eliminated by grace in Ex. 32-33 and now by the cross for us.

Gen 1:26-38, Eph 5, 1 Cor 7 "Skills in the Art of Godly Living!"

Pastor Justin Grimm from Story Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Westerville shared a message on human sexuality from Genesis 1, Ephesians 5, and 1 Corinthians 7, confronting humanity’s brokenness and calling believers (married or otherwise) to live Godly lives for the sake of Christ’s kingdom here on earth. While there is nothing vulgar or inappropriate in his message, please be aware that this topic deals with mature themes and may not be suitable for young people.

Luke 6:46-49 "What Kind of Builder Are You?"

This week, we are taking a break from our series in Ruth to focus on what our VBS kids learned during their week together. In Luke 6:46-49, Jesus tells a parable to His disciples about two builders – a wise one and a foolish one. This sermon is a call to self-examination and radical living for all those who desire to live faithfully for Jesus in the Kingdom of God.

Ruth 3:1-18 "There is a Redeemer" Sermon Series: The Story of Ruth

This week we find Naomi devising a plan to find rest for Ruth in the arms of Boaz. The plan is risky, but Ruth is willing in order to fulfill her own needs as well as Naomi’s. The ensuing scene that takes place on the Threshing Floor as Ruth goes to Boaz in the middle of the night is one wrought with intrigue and tension. What results is a wonderful example for all of us of what it means to seek rest in the Lord while also seeking to honor Him and accept His providential will for our lives.

Ruth 2:1-23 "Refuge Under His Wings" Sermon Series: The Story of Ruth

This week, we encounter Ruth and Naomi in chapter two after they’ve arrived in Bethlehem at the beginning of the grain harvest. In need of food, Ruth asks for permission to go and glean among the fields. Little did she (or Naomi) know, God would be directing her steps into the field of a kind and generous man named Boaz. The narrative that unfolds sets the stage for God’s amazing faithfulness to be on display in remarkable ways, and reminds all of us that God never ceases to pursue and provide for His children.

Ruth 1:7-22 "Grace at the Bottom of the Barrel" Sermon Series: The Story of Ruth

In this week’s sermon we join Naomi as she decides to return to Bethlehem in Judah. Though she tried to prevent her daughter-in-law’s from going with her, Ruth was relentless and insisted on going with her. As we study the passage together, we’ll be confronted with the reality of the bitterness that Naomi feels toward God’s providence, and challenged to express a faith like Ruth – a faith that clings to God and others no matter what lies ahead.

Ruth 1:1-6 "The Road to Nowhere" Sermon Series: The Story of Ruth

This week we begin our new series in The Book of Ruth by taking a look at the actions and tragic consequences that set the stage for this wonderful story of God’s redemption. In the midst of days when there was no king in Israel, Judges 21:25 tell us that everyone did what was right in his own eyes. This included a man named Elimelech who fled Bethlehem in Judah with his wife and two sons during a famine to sojourn in Moab. What follows in the story is a reminder for all of us that even when we turn our back on God’s faithfulness, He never turns His back on us and is working “behind the scenes” in amazing ways to prove His faithfulness to us.

Psalm 51 "The Gift of Repentance"

This week elder Mario Fulan delivered a sermon from Psalm 51 and how God provides his people with the gift of repentance so that our relationship can be restored with Him after we fall. God acts to restore us by drawing up back to Himself so that we can again have the joy of our salvation.